These are not the whiny, withdrawn elves from LOTR. These elves have defied the gods to march back to middle earth, build kindoms, all in an effort to avenge themselves on the fallen god Morgoth (Sauron’s boss) and recover the silmarils – magic gems made by the greatest of the noldor elves and stolen by Morgoth.


The dwarves are not the bumbling, fun-loving gang from The Hobbit. They are the wrathful Thorin Oakenshields, counting every penny of their own, coveting all the shiny toys others have, and keeping track of every little grudge they perceive. They are not evil, but they are not philanthropists either.


Humans are young and strong. They grow quickly, and often surprise the elves in how fast they adapt and grow. The strongest of men compete with the strongest of elves – but in the end elves have experience and powers that men can not match.


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